Twin Ponds Medicinal Herb Farm

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Our farm is perched on the hill above the beautiful and bountiful Twin Pond in Brookfield, Vermont.  We are blessed to be the caretakers of these 14 acres of pasture, woodland, and gardens, and it is our dream to bring as much vitality to this land as we possibly can.

We believe in the healing power of plants and we are dedicated to growing plants of the highest quality, beginning with healthy soil and followed through with care in harvest and processing. 

We grow our plants organically and with much enthusiasm; we feel there are few greater honors than to be in the midst of so many healing plant spirits.  Our work is inspired by natural farming, permaculture principles, biodynamic methods, and the rich traditions of those who have farmed this land before us.

We are committed to growing plants for healing ourselves, our communities, and our ecosystems!

Enjoy the good medicine!

Zac and Jennifer Johnson